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RAAW +design

Based in Vancouver, we are an interior design studio that specializes in luxury residential, multi-unit residential and specialty commercial design projects. Design and design execution is the core of our business, but bringing inspiration, education and values to our people, our clients and our partners are the reasons we exist for. We work hard to stay inspired and work even harder to inspire others. We are not only interested in creating beautiful spaces through our studio work, but also bringing our vision for the curated way of life and style to our people, through our exclusive partnership with the BK club's events and workshops.  

Casa Llena

Casa llena furniture is a Vancouver based home furnishing retail store that provides quality, modern and tasteful home furnishings. Established in 2017, our selections focus on modern-italian style inspired furniture. We offer a wide selection of in-stock inventory as well as a menu for highly customizable options from fabric, finishing to sizing. We work hard to maintain the highest level of quality control from our dedicated suppliers to ensure each piece of furniture is created to meet top craftsmanship and quality. Given the close attention to details and continuous efforts to expand our designer selections, we see ourselves as artists in providing focal pieces to the ultimate space you can call home. 

Arizel Studio

Based in Vancouver, Ariel Studio offers a wide range selection of lifestyle and designer floral items. We specialize in comfort-living products, artful ornaments, and thoughtful services, including art gallery, floral design workshops and cultural programs in various cities.  From bouquets arrangements to culturally inspired events, Arizel is dedicated to working with quality and creativity. We are about exploring and sharing ideas about floral design with BK members through special workshops. We like to say --"Be serious and be fun.

Bee Starlight

Bee Starlight Candles & More is a Vancouver based natural wax candle maker, aiming to envelope your sweet home with the timeless aroma our candles deliver. We believe everyone has an artist spirit. That is why our exclusive workshops with the BK club have attracted many attendees whose works reflect their attitude towards life and their tastes of arts. We inspire creativity with handcrafted candles that can be paired with curated home accessories, to help you customize your unique, tasteful and beautiful home.